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Rebound Therapy
We are very pleased to now offer Rebound Therapy at UA Trampoline Park. Rebound Therapy are mainly 1:1 sessions, these sessions are ideal for those with additional needs.

Rebound Therapy is the phrase used to describe the specific model of trampoline therapy known as exercise therapy to provide opportunities for movement and therapeutic exercise. 
The main benefits include the developing and improvement of
- Strength of limbs 
- Numeracy 
- Patience
- Communication 
- Co-ordination 
- Independence
- Self-confidence
- Balance
- Muscle tone
- Reaction speed
- Self-image
- Eye contact
- Relaxation
- Freedom of movement 
- Sense of achievement
- Stamina
- Spatial awareness
- Body awareness
- Social awareness
- Consideration of others
- Trust and confidence in Coach or Assistant
- Colour recognition
- Height and depth perception

Other benefits include 
- Stimulation of the digestive system 
- Improved bowel function, Internal organ massage 
- Clearing of toxins from the body

How we aim to Achieve these benefits 
We use the internationally recognised Winstrada development and award scheme which record the rewards process. 

For those with profound and complex needs, we use the Huddersfield Functional Index in conjunction with the Winstrada scheme. 

All attendees are required to wear grip socks, they can be bought at reception or when booking online. Prices start from £2.50 a pair 

Want to know more information? contact Kirsty 

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