Are you ready for this? This isn't training as you know it.

Push your metabolism to the limit, zap calories, lift your lymphatic system...and it's 'jumpin' Jack Flashin' fun baby!


Forget going to the gym (we know you don't go but we won't tell anyone), this is full-on, maximum-fun, build-muscle, haul-weight, slaughter-fat, low-impact training. It'll push your metabolism to the limit, zap calories, lift your lymphatic system, boost your ability to make muscle, and maximize your body's capacity for change. And it's 'jumpin' Jack Flashin' fun baby.

Enjoy top fitness instruction for a jet-fuelled 45 minutes that'll help with coordination, balance, flexibility and getting to know strangers (eye contact may be difficult though). And then make your head spin when you learn that rebounding exercise burns up to 1000 calories an hour - in fact, just 10 minutes of this shenanigans, is a more efficient cardiovascular workout than 30 minutes running on a treadmill. It's true - just ask the brainy bods at NASA. £6 per class or 10 class pass for £50.

Sorry... this bit's a little boring, but it's important... apparently...snooze! For hygiene and safety reasons, UA Gripper Socks must be worn and are priced at £2.50, Once purchased, they're yours. Just make sure you wash them when you get home.

Large & Extra Large socks are £3.00 a pair

*All bouncers must also complete an online registration and PARTICIPANT DECLARATION prior to their first Jump session. And agree to obey the PARK RULES.

Please note you must be 16 years+ to participate in a fitness class. We apologise for that small interlude of tedium... now back to the fun stuff! Yay!

Bounce to the beat...

UA Training - (£6 or 10 class pass for £50)

UA GROOVE - Weds 7:30pm

Put on your dancing socks and bounce along to the beat with this low impact class! UA Groove will improve cardiovascular fitness, strengthen and tone the legs and increase your confidence on the trampolines. No high jumping, just fun, easy to follow routines to the catchiest tunes!

UA Training - (£6 or 10 class pass for £50)

BODY BOUNCE - Mon 7pm & Weds 9:30am

An aerobic based fitness class choreographed to provide a continuous and low impact total body workout. Boost your metabolism for an increased calorie burn with the added benefit of strength and conditioning to provide you with high-flying results!

UA Training - (£6 or 10 class pass for £50)

Family Groove - Tues 6:30pm

Enjoy the classic UA Groove tracks with simplified moves to suit those little ears. Come along and Groove with the family! (Ages 5+ welcome to join without mum or dad)

UA Training - (£6 or 10 class pass for £50)
UA Training - (£6 or 10 class pass for £50)
UA Training - (£6 or 10 class pass for £50)

All classes £6 per class
10 class pass for £50

Did you know?

Rebounding helps stimulate the thyroid gland to start cleaning itself and the entire lymphatic system of stored fat, also in this case the targeted fat is cellulite!

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UA Training - (£6 or 10 class pass for £50)