UA Jump (age 5+). £8.00pp

Under Five? NO PROBLEM Click Here for UA Family!

UA Jump (aged 5 and over £8.00pp)

It's a playground Jim, but not as we know it!

Your kids don't have to eat a tonne of Smarties to have them bouncing off the walls, just bring them to UA Trampoline Park and they'll do it for real!

Open to all ages (and that means you too), this adventure playground is packed to the rafters with 50 interconnected trampolines incorporating runways and tumble tracks where you can get up to a whole lot of vaulting and 'slam-dunkery' mischief, angled and banked walls to help with that 'flying through space' look, and a whole lot more besides. Have fun in a group or set yourself some solo routine goals.

Sorry... this bit's a little boring, but it's important... apparently...snooze! For hygiene and safety reasons, UA Gripper Socks must be worn and are priced at £2.50, once purchased, they're yours. Just make sure you wash them when you get home.

Large & Extra Large socks are £3.00 a pair

UA Jump Session is £8.00 per person.

Under Five? NO PROBLEM Click Here for UA Family!

*All bouncers must also complete an online registration and PARTICIPANT DECLARATION prior to their Jump session. And agree to obey the PARK RULES. Please arrive 5 mins before your session.

Did You Know:

According to NASAs Journal of Applied Physiology, rebounding exercise is 68% more efficient than jogging!

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