Loud Lounge

FRIDAY 26TH JUNE - £5.50pp

Loud Lounge (£5.50pp age 5+)

The UA Loud Lounge Friday night sessions are about to take off...big time!

Get yourselves down here on the last Friday of every month and get on the Tramp Floor. Bounce your bits off to sounds, tunes and croons from the best of the hits!

18:30 & 19:30 - FRIDAY 26TH JUNE
There's really no better way to get boucin' with your mates. And when you wanna chill, there's our UA refreshments bar.

Plus, none of those smelly items you call socks, you must purchase UA Gripper Socks at Reception for £2.50, or book online - yer get me?

Large & Extra Large socks are £3.00 a pair

If your under 17, make sure you bring someone aged 18 over to hang out and enjoy the tunes too! its free for non bouncers!

Loud Lounge Session is £5.50 per person, age 5+.

All bouncers must also complete an online registration and PARTICIPANT DECLARATION prior to their first Jump session. And agree to obey the PARK RULES. Please arrive 5 mins before your session.

WARNING - FLASHING LIGHTS are used during this session.

Did you know?

Trampoline exercise is a quick way of building muscle and losing fat!

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