Safety and Rules

Ooh that sounds like we're a right bunch of fun sponges doesn't it? 'Safety', 'Rules', it's like being back at school. But trust us, to really have fun at UA Trampoline Park, you really need to know how to be safe. Yes it's about being serious, but it's also about having a seriously good time.
You can pretend to be glamorous F1 racing drivers...they too have to go through a pre-race briefing - and let's face it, you're going up and down at speed, and they're going forwards and sideways. Pretty much the same yeah?

You'll have to sign a Participation Declaration to satisfy UA Trampoline Park that you understand the risks of trampolining. Lastly you'll have a little video to watch prior to enjoying the Arena. It'll help you understand Park Rules, how to bounce in control and adopt an awareness to prevent collisions. Our Arena Martials (or UA Traffic Controllers as we like to call them), will be around to ensure everyone's happy and there'll be CCTV to record any naughtiness such as theft, pushing and wiping bogies on equipment (you know who you are!).

Lots to take in so listen up and concentrate!

The Trampoline Park Rules are clearly displayed throughout the premises and include:

Standard Park Safety Rules
Approved anti-slip UA Gripper Socks to be worn at all times whilst using the equipment.
Only jump if you're in good physical condition.
Do not jump if you have any pre-existing medical condition.
Do not jump if you are or may be pregnant.
Do not attempt to use any of the activity equipment unless you have registered to participate, undertaken the safety briefing & signed a participant declaration (if you are under 18 a participant declaration must be signed by a parent / guardian).
All jewelry (including ear studs) / watches, keys, key chains, coins or the like to be removed prior to participation.
Clothing should not have any hard or sharp points (buckles, studs, toggles or the like).
Remove all items from your pockets prior to participation.
No phones or cameras on the bounce arenas.
Do not leave any items or clothing on the bounce arenas, use the lockers provided.
No food or drink or chewing gum whilst participating.
Maximum weight restriction 120kg/18st9lb.
Only 'one person per trampoline' restriction.
Never run across the trampolines.
No back flips, No diving, No gainers (forward moving back flips).
No double bouncing (bouncing someone else higher).
Never attempt flips or other extreme moves unless you know you are capable and have had the appropriate training.
No wrestling, tackling or shoving.
No leaning, grabbing or climbing on netting.
No sitting or lying on the trampoline mats or foam pads.
No bouncing under the influence of alcohol or drugs (including hangovers).
Do not attempt any move beyond your own skill level.
Jump in the center of the trampoline. Avoid landing on the coloured pads/mats.
Always land with both feet at the same time.
Do not bounce to another trampoline unless the trampoline is clear.
Children under 18 years must be under the supervision of parent/guardian, we do not accept responsibility for the supervision of children.
Report and loose mats or damage immediately

Slam Dunk Safety
Standard Park Rules Apply.
No hanging off the hoop, backboard or support bars.
No jumping or dunking from behind the backboard.
No kicking the balls.
Stay on your track. Do not cross lanes.
One person per trampoline at any one time.
Exit the jump area as quickly as possible by the nearest exit point.
Do not jump until the trampoline is clear.
Do not attempt any move beyond your own skill level.
Do not remove or throw the balls out of the netted area.

Bouldering Wall Safety
Standard Park Rules Apply
Climb across the wall from left to right
No more than 4 people on the wall at one time
Look out for other participants and give way to smaller ones
Avoid uncontrolled falls
Always land with both feet at the same time
Stand well back from climbing walls
Never stand or sit under someone who is climbing
Do not distract people when they are climbing
Descend either by down-climbing, jumping or a controlled fall.
Keep the safety mat clear, do not sit or stand on the safety mat
Long hair should be tied back
WARNING - Holds can spin, report any loose holds to a member of staff immediately